Behind The Brief

Carlsberg Lite ‘Fitness Club’

This project for Saatchi and Saatchi SIMCO (Switzerland) was a great example of how we reacted effectively to a radical change in creative brief.

Brief A

  • To create an authentic sounding ‘Frank Sinatra style’ big band composition
  • Bring to life the visual story and tongue in cheek humour
  • To use real musicians for an authentic sound (strings and brass sections)
  • Lead and backing vocalists to be carefully 
cast for just the right tone
  • Catch sync moments (pool splash, drink reveal, 
pack shot)

Here’s the result…

Our piece for ‘Brief A’ was initially approved by Saatchi’s but when Carlsberg saw the completed film things changed. A request to create a version with more space was requested with only 48 hours to go until final deadline.

Brief B – The re-brief.

    • Keep the tongue in cheek humour
    • Less pace to allow shots to breathe
    • Keep high production values (live string section)
    • Retain the strong sense of melody
    • Sync moments (doors open, track shot, pool splash, pool wide shot)
    • 48 hour turn around

Here’s the result…

‘Brief B’ made it to broadcast across Europe and was a hit with audiences.