Behind The Brief

Carlsberg Lite ‘Fitness Club’

This project for Saatchi and Saatchi SIMCO (Switzerland) was a great example of how we reacted effectively to a radical change in creative brief while maintaining high production values within tight deadlines.

Brief A

  • To create an authentic sounding ‘Frank Sinatra style’ big band composition
  • Bring to life the visual story and tongue in cheek humour
  • To use real musicians for an authentic sound (strings and brass sections)
  • Lead and backing vocalists to be carefully 
cast for just the right tone
  • Catch sync moments (pool splash, drink reveal, 
pack shot)

The agency loved ‘Brief A’ this but it was not favoured by the client who called for a version with less going on to allow the many visual shots to breath. So we were re briefed to create a new version with only 24 hours to go…

Brief B

    • Keep the tongue in cheek humour
    • Less pace to allow shots to breathe
    • Keep high production values (live string section)
    • Retain the strong sense of melody
    • Sync moments (doors open, track shot, pool splash, pool wide shot)
    • 24 hour turn around

‘Brief B’ made it to broadcast across Europe and was a hit with audiences.