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When I was about 11 years old I did something a little foolish. I created a Halloween prank by recording a cassette with a terrible 70’s microphone, my best ‘spooky voice’ and a reversed Tom Jones vinyl. The resulting tape found it’s way into a classmate’s satchel (causing much scandal!) and put me in the headmaster’s office for punishment! And so began an obsession with the potential of recorded sound to evoke emotion...

Today, as a professional composer, I have earned the loyalty of my amazing clients by nurturing an ability to move effortlessly through musical genres whilst retaining my unique voice as a composer.

Following university (Commercial Music BA Hons) I spent many years working as a sound editor in the postproduction houses of London’s Soho (Telecine Ltd, Fusion Post, Tambourine etc.) This gave me an indispensable understanding of filmmaking. Just like my beloved piano and vintage guitar collection, I have studied hard to be able to use my recording studio as a 'musical instrument' with which to express emotion. Such technical ability has allowed me to build up a formidable body of work and a reputation for professionalism.  

Ultimately it's all about relationships and I am proud to say that I have cultivated an approach to my work that is people focused and always cool under pressure. Music is my passion. On brief, on time and on budget are my mantras.

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Clients include:
BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, AMV BBDO, Hanrahan, BBH, BMW, Red Bee Media, Chapman Entertainment, D&AD, Turquoise Branding, Tilt Design, EMAP, Knucklehead, Mentorn Television, Uli Meyer Animation, Bakery Films, Volkswagen.


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